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My goal is to help you reach your goals and to give you amazing customer service. You are the only reason I am here and I understand that to stay in business, I must treat each customer like a personal friend. Below are some of the responses I have received that have motivated me to keep working hard for you! I hope you will e-mail me with your comments.

Here are just a few of the letters and great e-mails I have received!

There are many real estate agents in the valley. When it comes professionalism, hard-working, patience, and dedication, April easily stands out to be one of the best.

April was referred to us by a friend when we relocated here 8 years ago from Florida. She bought houses for 2 friends of mine and they both highly recommended her. Based on their recommendations, I asked April to help me purchase my first house. Because I was extremely happy with her service back then, I went directly with April when I wanted to sell my house earlier this year. She spent TONS of efforts during that process. I have two 2.5 years old kids so April did almost all the work during the house renovation. I know I am a very demanding person but I have to say I am really impressed how hard April worked to make the house look at its best. And all of her hard work paid off. I was quite happy about the sale price.

After we sold our house, buying a house didn’t become any easier. The housing market has become super hot this year. All the houses we wanted to bid had 10+ offers. April was very patient and never pushy. She always pointed out to me areas that I might not like or I needed to pay attention. And even though we all wanted to win the bid, she kept me staying cool. With every bid, she would do a lot of research and presented me with different strategies. Her offer was professionally prepared and detail oriented. And with her help, we finally got a dream house which had more than a dozen offers!

I have been recommending April to all of my friends who wanted to buy or sell their homes. And I will continue to recommend her to my friends in the future.

Jungang Wei
Saratoga, California

Going Above and Beyond…

It is not easy in this day and age to find service that is completely dependable and trustworthy. April Yin has been a realtor and friend to our family over the years. She has helped us when it came to the process of buying and selling a home, being a resource for homeowner related questions, and providing services as a realtor for our friends.

Years ago, April was the one who facilitated, for my parents, the sale of the home that I grew up in. She helped my aging parents’ desire to downsize and simplify their responsibility as homeowners. They are now very content to be living in a home that is easier to manage and to take care of.

This last summer, my parents had plans to re-model both of the bathrooms. But due to my father’s health, we could not have him in the home during the re-model. The plan was to stay with other family members out of state for a period of 2 ½ weeks with the offering that April would be physically present to oversee and supervise the project and the contractor that she had referred to us. The fact that April would be there to handle the day-to-day operations gave my parents and myself peace of mind that all would go smoothly.

As a result of this arrangement, April went above and beyond our expectations. For 2 ½ weeks, she gave us every assurance that the project was on track. She would regularly call us with any immediate questions that would arise, send us email pictures of ongoing progress, and other messages as needed.

April was not shy to offer any advice that she felt would help boost the value of my parents’ home. But, she was also sensitive to our likes and dislikes when it came to what materials and products to use (e.g. tile cabinets, sink fixtures and lighting, etc.). Moreover, she would drive between stores to obtain the needed number of fixtures to make certain that the changes we had decided upon were met.

Although it was important to keep within budget, which we were able to do, April did not settle on materials that were not of acceptable quality. Her attention and drive for detail did not go unnoticed especially when her question to us regarding which energy-saving light bulb to purchase came up!

When we finally returned to my parents’ home we were elated with the result. We could immediately feel the appreciated value of the home, and its weight in gold. My parents are now able to enjoy their home even more. We could not have done it if it had not been for April’s immense level of experience and knowledge, and her generous offer to oversee the project.

April Yin comes highly recommended not only as a realtor with great integrity and energy, but, as an individual with a genuine heart and desire to improve the quality of life of her clients.

Peggy Shor
Santa Clara, California

Dear April,

Thank you so much for helping us buy our first home in West San Jose, CA. We still remember the first time that we met you at your open house. You were so professional and considerate that we immediately decided to work with you with full trust. It turns out that we made a brilliant decision. With your help, our buying process is smooth and we do not need to worry about anything. You sorted out everything and make sure that the house is in a perfect condition when we move in. We have heard so many stories from other people about how complicated the house buying process is. However, for us, it is pleasant because of you.

We have moved in our new home for almost a year. We enjoy living here every day. Great thanks to our dear friend April! We would definitely recommend April to our friends.


Peng & Jingxin

Ms. April Yin is a very professional Real Estate agent and a long time friend of mine. I have known her for more than 20 years.

She has helped me buy and sell two houses in San Jose area. That means 4 times on buy and sell during the years of 1995 to 2013.

April is always enthusiastic and clearly loves to help her clients. She is very patient and has great strategies on how to sell and buy homes.

She would either decorate the property by herself or work with professional staging company to make your home warm and lovely to make it easy to sell.

April helps to analyze the buyers and suggests the best buyer for her seller. She always works efficiently and effectively.

April is a veteran in the real estate industry. She is familiar with the Bay Area's housing market and her good knowledge and experiences provide great support for her clients to make the right decisions on buying/selling of their homes. She makes sure her clients get exactly what they want.

April certainly knows how to pick a good buyer for her seller. She has helped me to sell my two houses by not only selling them at great prices but also within very short time periods. I'm extremely happy and impressed by her services. Highly recommended.

Best Regards,

Annie Chen
Cupertino, California

Dear April,

After few weeks of settling down, finally we have the opportunity to sit down and writing this letter expressing our gratitude to you. We just couldn't find somebody more helpful than you. We have long been thinking about purchasing a home, but the drudgery process and the difficulty of finding a reliable agent made our dream seem impossible and hopeless. It almost came to the point that buying a property became our emergent need, but we had nobody to turn to. Then what a miracle it was for us to meet you!

From the beginning to the end, you patiently guided us through each step and clarified all our doubts, questions, and millions of concerns. Unlike some the of the house agents out there who we believe would just coax us to buy the more expensive properties, you actually helped us select the ones according to our needs and preferences and took care of all negotiations in between. The second we got the house was a life-saving moment! Now we are living in this magnificent home which already exceeded our original standards and would be a such meaningful one to us!

Please let us extend our greatest appreciation to you! Your customer-oriented approach demonstrated professionalism and sincerity. We recommend everybody to seek help from you and may your hard work become forever valuable.

We wish you the best and You are the BEST!!!

Thank you!

Qing and Jin
San Jose, California

April Yin is a Godsend to the real estate industry and reminds us that people come first. She exemplifies honorable business practices in utilizing her work and expertise to build up the lives of people; instead of the other way around, which happens all too often in our society.

In her service to our family she has been personable, sincere, and a staunch defender of having our best interests at heart. The complexity of what really goes on in the world of real estate is something few agents are knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle; April is one of the best we've ever had the blessing to be represented by. She goes above and beyond in her efforts to deliver faithful results with exceptional competency, integrity, and transparency.

From beginning to end our experience with her has been totally positive, and we are thankful to have had such an outstanding experience due to her excellence and dedication.

If you are represented by April, you'll be in good hands -- we commend her with our deepest gratitude and respect.

Angle Huang
Santa Clara, CA

I know it may be corny but it has been almost 1 year and I really owe you a BIG thank you. For all this time not only you have helped me to get my dream house but more importantly a happy experience that is priceless!! I think I am really fortunately to have you as my agent. This is probably one of the luckiest things in my life!!

I know my house shopping started almost a year ago. At times I would always call you for opinions. You are always friendly and helpful throughout the process. You would point out important things that buyers should focus and be aware. It’s very heart warming knowing that you care about yours buyers rather then pushing us to make offer. You treat us with honesty and act in our best interested; never had once I felt pressure from you about making offer. I recall there are times when you helped me write offers that I myself was even unsure at last minute!

I recall the negotiation of my house lasted 3 month. It was a tough seller. You have helped me to draft countless offers and negations to make sure my interest are well protected. I recall at one point after I have entered contract. It happens one house came on market that I have strong interest in. The house is the same price but offers much more compensation towards buyer agent. I almost decided to buy that house instead. I seek your help and advice – you explained all the pros and cons and did not give me pressure or express favor in the house that would offer more commission. You let me make the own decision. I recall during that couple days I felt I owe you an apology because those days you would be working on my case late at nights because my second thought about the house.

In the end, I know I am very lucky; I remained with my original purchase and PLUS the hard negotiated favorable terms from the seller. All compliments because of your great work in negotiation with the seller. You could've made more commission easily with other purchase but you did not. You cared about my well beings and helped me to realize that I made the right choice by staying! Big Thank You! = )

In closing, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to you. You have earned my great respect. I know I am lucky that I have met you. You have helped me bought my dream house and most importantly a wonderful experience that money can not buy! I really appreciated what you have done for me. Thank you April. You are the BEST !!! = )


Jack Wang
Newark, CA

Dear April,

We cannot thank you enough for lending your time and expertise
to helping us sell our West San Jose home. Your professionalism and kind
reassurance helped us through the rough spots. Much continued success to you
in your career!

Howard & Lori Chang
West San Jose

Dear April,

Thank you for helping me to buy the condo in Santa Clara which was the first home that I owned in California.

Later you recommended a condominium in Sunnyvale and acted as my agent for that purchase too as well as helping me sell the original home in Santa Clara. Your attention to detail impressed me as well as your professional attitude.

I have recommended you to friends who have also made use of your services and reported their complete satisfaction. So when it comes time for me to buy or sell another property I won't hesitate to call upon you again. I will also continue to recommend you to others.

Brian Lowen,
Sunnyvale, California


Thank you very much for helping us find the perfect house.
I really appreciate your hard work and tremendous patience with us.
I am really impressed that you are always willing to take extra steps to get us the best deal on everything. I definitely will recommend you to all my friends.

Thanks again for your excellent work.

Mulan and Yufeng
West San Jose, CA

Dear April,

This is really a great pleasure working with you. To have you helped us sell our old house and buy the new one is definitely our right choice. Your expertise has also helped us save a lot of money by selling our old house fast, and of course, Lynn and I are deeply appreciated.

Best Regards!
John and Lynn Wu
North Valley, CA

"I cannot express enough of my gratitude for April's help in finding me a new and warm home.

After looking at several hundred homes in the bay area and even entertaining purchasing new homes, we finally found one that is a balance of what I was looking for - value, location, my tastes, and maintenance.

I had almost given up hope in finding a home by year is end, but with April's help, my dream of a home materialized. The home is in a very, very good location, had good layout, and was ready to move in with little modifications. Without her, I would not have found one.

Her integrity, experience, professionalism, and keen eye to value and details really made my home hunting a memorable experience. Each time we looked at homes together, I learned from her new things here and there to better make an informed decision. And it finally paid off.

If a new home is what one is looking for, I would definitely recommend April as the agent to choose. She works very hard and smart on one is behalf. This was particularly the case when I was very busy and occupied already with work and other things. She made the process easier, less complicated, and more manageable.

In this market of many real estate agents, April Yin certainly stands out among her peers."

- Ren Bitonio,
Honolulu, HI

Dear April Yin,

We can not express our gratitude to you for helping us find our first home. You made the entire home buying experience a smooth process in this heated bay area housing market.

You were very patient with us and took each of our questions and concerns very SERIOUSLY, however silly they sounded! Furthemore, you took time to do the research. We were amazed to see emails from you at midnight. You were always reacheable and returned each of our calls promptly.

We really felt that you were working very hard for us. Moreover, we were reassured by your actions that our money was in good hands.

On one of our offers, we recall you spent hours preparing the offer letter, analyzing the comparables, and helping us decide the offer price. You shocked us next day when you advised us to reduce the offer price due to fewer total offers on the house.

In this over-heated housing market, any other agent would have presented the offer with the higher price so as to be done with the deal and get their commission. But you are very different. You displayed your honesty and integrity by not doing so. Before working with you, we thought the agent's job was only to fill the paper work. You proved us wrong.

You found us a house which was in "move-in" condition. Even though the offer was accepted "AS-IS", the "fighter" in you successfully got us the Section II repair costs from seller. Furthermore, during the final walk-through, when you noticed the slight damage in the kitchen floor due to sellers neglect, you took it seriously and got the sellers to credit the repair costs.

April, we can not tell you how much we appreciate the guidance and assistence you provided. We were impressed by your PROFESSIONALISM and hardwork, and were moved by the honesty and integrity you exhibited. Your level-headed negotiating skills are truely remarkable.

Thank you very much for all your hardwork. You are welcome at our new home any day. Feel free to give our names and phone number as a reference to anyone. We will be very pleased to talk about you.

We wish you the very best.

- Thanks & Regards,
Princy & Manu Thomas,
Fremont, CA

Dear April,

During the holiday season of Christmas and New Year of 2006, our family did receive a precious and priceless gift from the Santa Claus?­ it is you! Now you become our close and trusty friend not only a processional realtor.

Not as other home owners, we don't have an exciting experience on buying a new home; instead we just had a memorable period of selling our home with you. Before your appearance, we felt worried and unconfident about selling our home. It is you who bring us a bunch of peaceful mind, guidance and encouragement during that period. Your professionalism, accountability and valued personality made the whole process very manageable and smooth which helped us resume our ordinary life shortly.

In the market of real estate, many agents are always money-oriented without considering the customers benefits, and tried to get their commission quickly with less efforts and commitments. But you are different; you often view and think in other's position considering customers' benefits and satisfaction as your own achievement.

My husband and I are very proud of having a friend as you and would strongly recommend you to all our friends in their future home purchasing and selling.

Louis & Betty
Fremont, CA

I have been referring my customers to April for their real estate needs. They have always been presented with a courteous and respectful sytle along with great professionalism. My customers also have given me nothing but positive feedback regarding April. I will continue to work with her on a regular basis.

- Sharon Tokubo,
Newark, CA

"April was our agent when we purchased our flat in Newark, and since she made that experience a very professional and pleasant one, we couldn't think of anyone else as our first choice to be our agent when it came to selling the property. If anything else we were even more impressed at the level of detail and personal attention that resulted in a quick sale at a price higher than we would have settled for."

Mauro & Nina DePalma,
San Diego, CA

Dear April

Nowadays house hunting in Bay Area is like at a war if not a hunting game. It requires resource, tactics, information, quickness and determination. It needs a good commander. I am not sure whether you are a good commander because you always make me feel like I am the one. At least, I know that we are so lucky to have you side by side in this "war".

I still remember vividly the first meeting with you. After so many years experience of working with all kinds of people, I knew immediately that you are really an effective and responsive person that I can rely on. What I did not know that time was that you are also such a warm, tender and caring person that people would like to hang with.

Your alert and great sense on the surfacing of new scarce and valuable commodity on the market is always responded at the first possible early moment, which let us to have sufficient time to look around the property and to do background checking. Your understanding of what we really need makes us optimize the value of our funds and get the best results. All of these have made this run of house purchasing so pleasant and so profitable.

Besides saying a big "THANK" to you, I would also like to let you know that after closing the deal, I have slept very well and my life resumed to its ordinary tempo, and I become normal again.

Kuo-Yen Wei, Ph.D,
Professor of Geosciences, National Taiwan University
Saratoga, CA

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to congratulate you for having a high caliber, professional, and wonderful agent as Ms. April Yin.

We know Ms. Yin through our friend Sharon who works in our bank. In the initial meeting with Ms. Yin, we indicated our intention and interest of purchasing a home near by Lynbrook High School. Ms. Yin took it very serious and worked very hard to prepared lots of materials and information for us including several choices of home for sale in the area that we are interested in.

After seeing a couple house on Miller Avenue, which they are pretty good already. But we like to have a home that is not by a busy street with a cost that is more manageable than what she showed us. Immediately, with her being care and patience, she came up with a beauitiful home within only a couple days. We must say we were quite presently surprised by her fast response. From then on, she took care of all the details for us such as checking the working status of appliances and so forth. Naturally, with her great help, we got what we want, which is not just a home; it is a beautiful home plus happiness.

Well, our story does not end there. We need to sell our old house, too. As it turned out, Ms. Yin also took care of many tedious things as finding good services venders for us to clean the house, to deal with termite problems and many things like that. We know we can fully trust her. And of course once again we are right, Ms. Yin have got the deal closed, leaving us worry free!

We are not in the real estate business, but if we were, we most definitely would want to be colleague so that we could learn more from her. We envy you for you are lucky to have her working with you.

Ben and Anna Liu,
West San Jose, CA

Dear April,

The reason for this letter is to not only thank you for the help and advice in purchasing our home but to let you know that we are very happy with the process of buying our home in Silicon Valley and moving. We are more than satisfied; we are ecstatic.

April, we would like you to feel comfortable in using our name as a reference in the future. We will highly recommend you to anyone we know. Any time please feel free to use our name, address and phone number. Should a person want to know about April Yin and her pledge of satisfaction, please have them contact us. We will highly recommend you for their real estate needs.

Ya-Hui and Eric Lee,
West San Jose, CA

Dear Sirs,

This letter is to recommend our agent, April Yin, also recommended by our friend Jack, for her competitiveness, accountability, availability, great personality and her professional expertise to assist us to get our first home at Fremont for a great price.


We had to admit that fighting 12 offers for our house was not easy especially she honestly assisted us from make an offer, counter offer and to the final decision.

Accountability and availability

April always disclosed detailed information ahead of time of each process during those past two months and we felt secure to trust her judgments and whenever we encounter difficulties or troubles in the process, when would solve it for us right away with an even better result.

Great personality

She is always cheerful, quick, precise and upbeat, yet clam, sweet and kind. The great thing about her is that she always has a smile on her face and always demonstrates her professional expertise with great personal taste and personality.

Professional expertise

Whenever we call her, she is there or she will call back right away. She always teaches us how to get the best deal, how to get the right information and right person to do the task and I actually think about being an agent like her now. We really like the inspector she recommended. She has great managerial style when the coordinates between three or four parties and she is consistent with her performance.

We just love her since she is like our bigger sister and she claimed taking care of us like taking care of her own children even though we see her possessing a young heart. So we have actually recommended her to our friends who are about to buy a house too.

We will count on her for our future purchase as well and we really feel honor of to recommend her to you about our great home-buying experience with her.

Ray and Debbie Chao,
Fremont, CA

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